Team Warrior 600


Team Warrior 600

Head Size: 74.5in²/ 480cm²
Weight: 130g unstrung
Balance: 35.2cm
String Pattern: 16 x 17
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TeXtreme woven laminates are developed with a thinner lighter structure and straighter carbon fibres to create a composite material that is… 20% LIGHTER THAN TRADITIONAL GRAPHITE MATERIAL WITH GREATER STABILITY GIVING PLAYERS MORE POWER AND MORE PRECISION.

Positioning TeXtreme at a 45° orientation at 2/10 positions on the hoop reduces the torsional deformation of the racquet head at these critical zones by up to 25%. This results in superior torsional stability at impact creating a bigger sweetspot for unparalleled power, response & accuracy for all squash players.



Since 1970, we have continually redefined the racquet sports landscape by bringing to market the most innovative and forward thinking products. We provide industry leading technology in athletic products that elevate the game of every individual both on and off the court.


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