HUDEF Pickleball Paddle Hammer


HUDEF Hammer is  a professional pickleball paddle for tournament players.

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HUDEF Hammer is  a professional pickleball paddle for tournament players.

  1. The Hammer paddle uniquely features a slender shape with a shorter handle and a large sweet spot.

    The shorter handle is designed for players who like to keep a finger on the paddle face, and gives the ability to keep power and control.

  1. Made with a polypropylene honeycomb core, this paddle has high density shock absorption technology that provides the Hammer with elasticity and comfort.
  2. HUDEF created its own unique printing technology, giving our paddles a soft feel with excellent spin.

    Made of proprietary layers, our team of engineers selected the best materials and underwent thousands of tests to ensure our paddles are durable and provide

    predictable results every time they are used.



Hudef USA and Hudef Guangdong, China both belong to Hong Kong Jusheng International Group Co., Ltd. Hudef is precisely positioned in the popular sports market and is committed to making high-performance products. Goal to carry out sales business around the world, Hudef products can bring customers health and happiness, so that customers can rest assured that the purchase of real products and the necessary innovation is the cornerstone of Hudef's development. The company's consistent requirements: do not mislead consumers to purchase at will, treat each customer's needs in good faith, do not waste a penny of consumers at will!


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