On the road since 1958, CEAT has run up to be one of the best tyre manufacturers in the business. We not only make trailblazing tyres, but also market tubes and flaps. And that’s not all. At CEAT we personify our business; tough yet smooth, secure yet ready to explore the undaunted.

We are young and revving to go; with a maturity that comes with years of market presence. More than 5300 Cr annual turnover, an impressive list of clients and OEMs, various awards and certificates are statistics that could speak for us. But we’d rather scorch the road with our performance!

We believe that tyres are not just accessories; they are the force that moves your aspirations. With us, you get to choose from a wide range of tyres that suit your needs and vehicle type. Not to mention, our radials are racers in the world market! Strength is one of the most important attributes of our products, which complements our solid foundation as a part of RPG Enterprises. Our commitment to quality ensures that you have a safe ride, always. So go on, defy destiny.

This road leads to a million places yet!

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